The Top 5 Causes Of Poor Staff Motivation

The Top 5 Causes Of Poor Staff Motivation.

We can spend huge amounts of time thinking about ways to motivate staff. This then means we spend considerable sums of money then implementing the ideas which may, or may not, actually improve all things Motivation.

Perhaps a different approach is needed?

Implementing the following might be the way forward.

  1. Does everyone fully know the aim of what we are trying to do and how this will be measured? Nothing hacks off staff more than not understanding the bigger picture – nobody enjoys the battery hen syndrome do they? Is communication clear? Confusing, muddled, unclear, erratic and unreliable information creates anarchy!
  2. Do we really need all of those processes and procedures? Burying staff in Red Tape is not the way to go! The job needs to be done but are there more effective and efficient ways of getting it done? Why not ask the Team for ideas?
  3. Blocking Baggage. What, for both the Team and the Individual, is stopping progress being made? Often this can be the result of previously poorly managed tasks and issues that have not gone away and which are strangling progress now. Call a halt to proceedings and investigate – be prepared for some surprises!
  4. Does your management style actually prevent progress and the achievement of the goals you need? A very difficult thing to do but ask for candid opinion from a critical friend who will give you the insight that you cannot give yourself! If your staff are even slightly afraid of you and your style this will only lead to slow progress, if any. At worst you will see either a rapid or unacceptably high turnover of key staff. Sort it out now!
  5. Do your Team have the look of someone who has just got off a long-haul flight? Are their contributions barely registering on the task in hand or on any activity that is set? Perhaps it is time for staff to be moved around and given fresh responsibilities/targets/KPIs to avoid the horrible situation of extreme fatigue, excessive sickness and possible resignation in favour of an organisation that appreciates welfare more than your organisation.

A quick 5 minute review of the current position will pay huge dividends down the line – staff will always appreciate a manager who tries to improve working situations and who cares.

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