Make Yourself More Productive

5 Really Productive Things To Do Every Day.

The average worker is productive for only between 60 and 65% of their working week. Whilst no-one wants to be a robot slaving away over their tasks and never actually looking up to see the bigger picture, we all need to be as effective and efficient as possible to boost income streams, deliver real value and to be productive and enthusiastic about our careers.

The following just might help, if applied realistically and sensibly.

Be totally aware of your attitude.

Personal feelings will dictate how we tackle tasks and how we get on with our colleagues. If you start a task in a calm and logical manner you will  generate far better results. It is also very likely that we will remain focused for longer and make better judgements and decisions on progress and future planning. Managers in a bad mood take longer to make decisions, make mistakes more often and are neither effective nor efficient.

Allocate the first 60 minutes each day to planning the day

It is vitally important to make sure that you have a plan for the day otherwise it will fall into a series of unplanned events, each of which represents some form of crisis that could have been avoided!

If you fail to plan and prioritise your day then actually you are being managed by other people and you are working to their demands, not your own. For example resist the temptation to dive into the sea of email you have received and get a good old-fashioned pen and paper out and write down YOUR priorities for the day, coming back to check on that list at various time points. Serving the God of Email every 10 nanoseconds only increases stress and anxiety, makes the day seem very much longer and is not productive

Ask Yourself – “Should I Be Doing These Tasks At All?”

What, in the many tasks you are faced with, actually are your responsibility? What can you delegate or move on to another person or area of the business and, actually, how did they come to you in the first place?

If you have tasks that can be done very quickly why have you git them? These items are excellent learning tolos and opportunities for other staff who need experience and wider knowledge of the business. Move these tasks on!

Working more hours to do more is not sensible – productive people set good priorities for themselves.

Get Rid Of Distractions!

Think how many times an hour someone distracts you from your work. How often do they disrupt the flow of ideas or productive activity and think how hard it can be getting back into that thinking groove. Even if this appears a little rude and blunt it has to be the way forward.

Have A Personal System

Set up a routine that works for you. Only you. Just you.

If you can have a system that triggers events and sets up working systems that feed your creativity and overall effectiveness then you have the makings of becoming an organised and respected manager.

The Pareto Principle is a great starting point; 20% of wasted time creates 80% of your problems. Deal with that 20% and you instantly become more effective.

You should also plan your day the night before – this then gives you a clear grasp of crises that are heading in and you are better placed to deal with them. This links into a set routine about how you should complete the day; empty the Recycling Bin on your computer, tidy up and make a To Do List for tomorrow. Establish a Clear Desk Policy for yourself – nothing is more demoralising that coming in to a desk left cluttered, untidy and disorganised. Get it sorted!

Make the 5 Steps work for you!

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