How to feel and measure the Customer Experience.

We never, ever see us as others see us.

We never, ever see, feel and reflect on the experiences our customers have when buying or using our products and services – it is tempting to take silence as approval or contentment (the “No News Is Good News” approach) but this is a foolish notion as what is actually saying is;

  1. We don’t want to know, or
  2. We don’t actually care that much.

Without spending vast sums of money try the following, put all of your preconceptions to one side and carefully record your findings.

  • Phone the receptionist, go through the switchboard, do not use direct lines. Experience the joy of the awful on-hold Muzak, delight at being bounced around the system, time this and reflect on opportunities lost.
  • Phone the standard Call Centre. Feel the love.Or lack of it. How friendly/interested/committed are the staff dealing with you as the customer?
  • Be a mystery customer and just wander around. Wait to see how long it is before you get approached by a member of staff. Does that interaction inspire you, make you feel welcome, valued even? Something of a Lottery possibly?

Ask yourself a question at this point – Do aircrew get their bags first? Why is that and what does that tell you about the system and its service levels?

After enjoying the Customer Walk through the organisation it might be worth considering the following points in revising the Customer Experience.

  • Focus on the problem, not the solution.
  • Go for a full solution NOT a partial fudge
  • Use the right people for the right tasks
  • Be aware of the need to know how big the issue are.

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