How NOT to please your Customer.

All organisations spend vast sums of money and time trying to get the customer experience as good as it should be with the noble intention of both retaining and then developing that relationship.

Yet many organisations, without realising the error of their ways, consistently fail the test.

See how many of the examples below you have experienced and then ask yourself the following question: How many apply to MY organisation?

  1. Do not allow staff to put things right on the spot.
  2. Tell the customer they are wrong.
  3. Have lots of paperwork that gets in the way.
  4. Fail to answer emails or letters of complaint.
  5. Admit far too little far too late.


  1. Staff are allowed and actually encouraged to correct obvious errors as they happen.
  2. Staff being bold enough to accept responsibility for getting it wrong – a little sympathy goes a long way.
  3. Senior staff responding directly and speedily on complaints without being forced to.
  4. Staff ensure issues are put right immediately and fully.

Not difficult is it? It takes little resource BUT it keeps the customer on-side.

It is very expensive to develop a customer relationship and sound business to retain then for further development. OR you could just annoy them, lose them and spend lots more money getting new customers.

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