Building Interpersonal Relationships in Business.

As the business environment becomes ever-more challenging and customers become a daily more vital resource it is truly amazing that many organisations, often characterised by having and excessively focused approach to production and pure output, have a very cavalier attitude towards making sure that their customers are valued and cared for.

The only effective way of maintaining business and growing it is to have a strong bond with your customers and to work collaboratively with them to solve their issues and to develop close working relationships.

Interpersonal business relationships can be established and enhanced in the following simple ways;

  1. Going the extra mile. Sounds corny, but it is a simple means by which to show commitment. Provide a higher level of service than your contract states through enhanced reporting, testing of the product and access to production staff to clarify any issues.
  2. Increasing the amount of client contact. Whilst we would not want to swamp the customer with phone calls and emails every five minutes, regular updates and progress meetings are appreciated and allow any problems to be identified very early on. Far easier to change process or specification at the early stages that face a huge re-work problem at delivery.
  3. Building the business relationship. Providing seminars for the customer, helping them make other contacts, sending over useful articles and background information all adds to the closeness of the relationship.
  4. Building a social relationship. Perhaps attending events together, remembering key dates in the commercial relationship and introducing the customer to other organisations all adds value and increases compatibility.

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