Example of a Puzzeled Look

How do others see us?

Our own perceptions of how we present ourselves and engage with others are always very different to how other people see us. If you are able to gain this invaluable insight you can adopt and adapt your style to ensure that people are engaged and are willing participants in what you are trying to achieve.

The style you perceive of yourself can be seen by others as follows;

Through your eyes Through their eyes
Considerate Self-denying
Idealistic Utopian
Modest Self-effacing
Trusting Gullible
Loyal Slavish
Helpful Paternal
Improvement seeker Perfectionist
Directing Domineering
Quick-to-act Impulsive
Self-confident Arrogant
A change seeker Restless
Challenging Inquisitorial
Competitive Antagonistic
Risk-taking Gambler
Urgent Impatient
Practical Unimaginative
Careful Fussy
Reserved Uncommunicative
Impartial Remote
Firm Stubborn
Thorough Pedantic
Methodical Nit-picking
Flexible Inconsistent
Sociable Insincere
Tactful Appeasing
Agreeable Ingratiating
Resourceful Tricky
Humorous Frivolous