Ten “Must-Dos” to make 2015 YOUR year.

2015 is going to be a challenge and will require real dedication to make it a success for you and your business.  To make things happen consider the following pointers.!

  1. Get Organised; whatever your preferred method, electronic or paper-based, make sure you are totally on top of your work and that you don’t lose any impetus, leads or advantage through an own-goal. How good is your website? Are you standing out from the crowd and does it really say what you are about? What is the state of your Twitter account – is that working for you too?
  2. Get a Good Lap Top; get the best specification you can afford and then really make it work for you. No-one is impressed when you arrive to meet a client with a steam-driven behemoth the size of a paving slab.
  3. Get a Professional Briefcase; this should be thin, preferably black and something that compliments your style. Avoid trendy styles and patters and NEVER turn up for a meeting with a rucksack, unless you actually are on a gap-year placement in the Third Sector.  NEVER arrive with a bulging Briefcase – you will just look like a disorganised Administrative Assistant.
  4. Get a Good Quality Pen; this instantly sends the right message that you are a professional and serious business person and confirms your stance as someone the client can deal with in confidence. Would you be impressed by a Chief Executive using a tatty, chewed supermarket biro? No.
  5. Get Into Shape; either invest in a Gym membership and stick to using it systematically and regularly OR buy a good quality bicycle and pedal your way to fitness. Looking tired and a bit portly (or worse) looks bad. Very bad. Especially if your clothes are feeling the strain.
  6. Get Your Wardrobe Sorted; spring-clean your clothes and be really hard on yourself. Nothing impresses better than a crisp, clean and tailored image that makes an excellent first impression. Not worn an item for six months? One-way ticket to Oxfam. No excuses. Sort that mop-top hair style and maintain it. Stubble looks very rough.
  7. Get Good Quality Shoes; they may be expensive and it is tempting to keep those ever-so-comfy 10 year-old slip-ons but, really, what do you look like? Polish all shoes with a passion as if your life depends upon it. Why arrive with half of a field on your feet. Invest in some good quality shoetrees – no shoes should have as many creases as a Tramp’s coat. Avoid at all costs loud, cheesy socks that scream “Look at me!”.
  8. Get Current; invest in a subscription to your specific Trade Press. Nothing loses you credibility faster than being unsighted on current trends and issues when your client knows more than you do.
  9. Get Your Transport Sorted; arrive with confidence whatever your wheels. You may not have a Ferrari but what you drive should be clean, waxed and polished and the interior should be clean, tidy and professional, above all a vehicle that your client would be pleased to be seen in and to have a lift in.
  10. Get Resilient; sharpen up your outlook and be focused upon success. Always do your research on the client, understand what they want from the contract and never take a knock-back personally. Always look for the follow-up angle, re-group and learn from the process.

2015 – it’s going to be great!