Making Decisions The Right Way

All decisions should be made as low as possible in the organisation. The Charge of the Light Brigade was ordered by an officer who was not there looking at the territory.

It didn’t go well.

Is the decision you are about to make either expensive or not. It’s that simple. A decision to relocate my business or to develop a whole new product from scratch should not be done on the toss of a coin nor without plenty of inputs from operating people and specialists.

But the basic everyday decision such as which brand of pens to buy or what to out on the menu in the canteen should be made very fast. No point in taking three weeks to make a decision that can be made in three seconds and corrected inexpensively later if you get it horribly wrong.

Lots of organisations decline, dwindle, loose customers and create massive problems for themselves while someone spends a huge amount of time worrying about the pros and cons of a new plant in reception or a new supplier for the rubbish bags. Take the challenge – record all of your decisions for two days and the time it took you to reach that decision. Bet you spent a long time on meaningless stuff and precious little on really important stuff.

That said what could you have achieved by reversing your approach?

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