How Can I Improve My Output Towards My Business?

Here are some keywords that I always find useful when I am thinking business:

Challenge assumptions

Think Big

Thing Small

Set up new ways of doing things

Detect patterns – what do they tell you?

Sense a need to change something – what’s your gut feel?

Where does the overlap between departments actually sit – how can you use this?

Know what drives you mad about the current situation

Look under rocks – what exactly lurks beneath?

Assume the worst in people

Think like a Nation State

Find a place that suits you where you can be creative

Go for rigour

Good research is often disruptive to the status quo

Don’t be afraid to choose something controversial

Develop a sense for “open” problems

Develop a sense for important problems

Feed your mind

There are many, many potential paths to learning

Build up your set of skills

Write down your ideas

Choose the right problem to tackle

Chip away at the problem

Organise your data

The target may (and will) move – move with it


Start local

Write and rewrite

Play to your strengths

Fight Uninformed Law

Find inspiration in others you respect

Find inspiration in others you disrespect

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